Winter WOD's 2016

[Collapse]01 ()
 Cayde Schmulbach
 Colin Hamm
 Emma Cary
 Hannah Alvis
 Noah Casey
 Sophia Gardner
[Collapse]02 ()
  Blood Sweat and Beers
 Jess and Jake
 Just Finish
 Relentless 1
[Collapse]03 ()
 3 Wolf Moon
 Booty and the Beast
 Rack and Stack
 Team Sanity
 Team Trilogy
[Collapse]04 ()
 BlAsian Persuasion
 Fen Fam
 Flexual Healing
 We pull up NOT out
[Collapse]05 ()
 Short and Stacked
 Squatstein and Snatchburg
 Team CFE
 Toughen Up
 We Came in Like a Kettlebell
[Collapse]06 ()
 CBJ Reunited
 Crossfit Marion
 KC and the Source
 Lil Bit Country Lil Bit Rock n Roll
 U Ave Crossfit
[Collapse]07 ()
 Hard WOD & Sexy Bod
 ML Instinct
 Swole Patrol
 The Friend Zone
[Collapse]08 ()
 Coal and Copper
 Dancer and Prancer
 Peanut and the Pastor
 Qtown Crossfit
 Team Freedom Fitness